Modern restaurants constantly encounter requests for gluten free menu options. Other frequent request include dairy free options, low carb, vegan – the list goes on. At Suzie Luck’s Canteen and Cocktail Bar we pride ourselves on catering to as many dietary requests as we can. We have specific menus for gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian guests. And more and more we are finding innovative ways to cater for FODMAP diets.
As a community gets better in touch with its own health, its important that eateries remain abreast of customer needs. Especially when many are so important to the health and wellbeing of our customers. Gluten Free is by far the most common dietary request. This is a breeze in an Asian Influenced Restaurant where the main source of starch is rice!
Living in Tasmania we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the freshest, healthiest food on earth. Selecting of a specific soy sauce to make a dish entirely vegetarian or gluten free need not take away from the depth of flavour or the pleasure of the dish. It should simply make it stress free for the guest to eat it…!
We encourage all customers with specific requirements around their food preferences to speak up early. So we can provide them with the relevant menu.
Making beautiful food with exotic flavours for a gluten free menu is an very important to us. And a service we are proud to offer.
You can read through our menu’s here!